Will & Francesca's Wedding Day

This weekend I was attending the beautiful wedding of Francesca and Will. The wedding took place in a lovely barn/hotel in Dorking named Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel, on the East side of Guildford. Despite the weather for the previous 2 days the sky brightened up and the ceremony went on without a hitch. It was lovely to see my old friend Anton again, who played Groomsman and a great chance to see two amazing people say their vows to each other. 

Ive uploaded a few photos to Social media but wanted to highlight a few photos before Honeymoon.

I hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! 


Confetti outside the Barn, in the rear of the hotel is a huge heated swimming pool, Very posh!

Francesca 15.08.15 engraved on Wills Ring.

That moment the Registrar gets Francesca's middle name wrong and asks her to to repeat it. 

The Newly wed couple, showing off Francesca's jewels and the recently signed register.