BTS - Photos by James Bridle 

Recently I was asked by a good friend of mine and old work colleague from my days at Apple Inc, to help out with an upcoming shoot involving some great concepts and wonderful outfits. My main reason for being on set was to provide aerial coverage for the video thats being created as part of a collaborative project for the various university guys and girls, all studying different but interlinked courses. 

We were due to get started at around 9:30-10am at Hengistbury Head but due to tides being unusually high we held off to give ourselves more room to move since we were using smoke grenades to give added effect, and needed to make sure they didn't get wiped out by incoming waves. The weather was against us with regards to flying as the Met Office was showing increased gusts and wind throughout the day so we had to get the Mavic in the air.

Holding this tiny craft steady was no easy task, I had to watch out as I panned the drone back not to go to fast as well as to stay on target and to try and keep centre to the group I was filming. Im hoping the footage comes in handy and fits within the segments of footage that were filmed on the lovely BlackMagics brought along for ground footage and close ups. 

Between flying I took a few BTS photos on my trusty Nikon D3 to try and give some idea as to what was going on during the shoot. Im really happy with the shots and to those who starred in todays production feel free to save the images and post socially. If you could be so kind as to add mention of my services that would be lovely and of course would be most appreciated. 

Thank you to my friend Mr Oliver O'Reilly for getting me involved and I look forward to seeing the final video. 

Thanks for looking,