Date 09.03.17

I was recently recommended by a friend, to help someone who was looking to update and create a portfolio of images for a casting agency. Of course I was happy to help out and using the the 19" Ring light from Interfit Photographic I was able to add a polished look to a number of images creating something a bit different for my client.

The bulb gave out masses of light enough to be able to use it with studio lights at F8 which I was impressed with. Its durable and comes with a diffuser cloth covering the bulb behind. With its adjustable neck the light can be positioned over a table and would be particularly good for food photography or to photograph items such as jewellery or products for a website. 

The light costs £84.99 from places like WEX who delivery generally within 48 hours. I really look forward to using this light for a multitude of uses in the future. 


  • Two 500w Interfit S1's
  • Black pop backdrop as well as White Vinyl backdrop
  • 19" Interfit Ring-light
  • 35mm 1.8mm (DX) Still works perfectly on Full frame bodies as LR fixes vignette. 
  • Nikon D600 

Thanks for looking!